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Cooperated with Johnsons from Australian and Ningbo Dairy Group, Ningshing, as the controlling shareholder, invested in a joint venture named Ningbo Ningshing Yoyou Feed Co., Ltd being engaged in R&D, processing, marketing and technical services of feed and also the sales of feed raw materials. 

Ningshing Yoyou owns the TMF Technology as the domestic initiative Feed fermentation technology, which is the upgrading and evolution of the existing TMR technology in China. TMF dairy feed solution, which has been utilized successfully in Japan, Korea and Australia, upgrades the traditional TMR dairy feed, optimizes the feed quality, and finally enhances the milk yield, and is going to fill the technological gap of the industrialization and commercialization of dairy feed in China. With a total investment of RMB 150 million, Ningshing Yoyou introduced a world-leading fully-mixed-feed production line which has a designed annual output of 200,000 tons of fermented feed. As the only R&D demonstration base in China for the "National Engineering Laboratory for Biological Feed Safety and Pollution Prevention and Control", Ningshing Yoyou has a technical team composed of the most authoritative ruminant feed experts in china and foreign technical experts, and has attracted industry elites at home and abroad in fields of pasture management, dairy cattle nutrition and feed formulation. By providing China initiative fermented dairy feed solution and technical service, Ningshing Yoyou is dedicated to improve the efficiency of pasture and add new vitality to the healthy development of China's dairy industry.

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