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As a professional Australian sand supplier in China and the General Agent of sandstones for Australia Sandstone Export Pty Ltd in mainland China, the Company specializes in import & export, sales, product processing, and construction of sandstone as well as various development of products. The main products are high quality Australian sandstone such as Brownwood Australian sandstone, Yellowwood Australian sandstone, Beige Australian sandstone, and Red sandstone.

With 2,500 acres (about 15,000 acres) of sandstone deposits in Australia which enjoys permanent land right and mining permit, our Australian partners have professional processing equipment and construction professionals to provide customized products such as sheet, relief, and garden carving. The Company adopted comprehensive quality management system for sales products starting from the packing and loading to the arriving at designated domestic yards. With a series of track records and management records, all the sandstone blocks are procured directly from the mines so as to maintain and to ensure the quality level.

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