Signing Ceremony of Import Direct Marketing Center Cooperation Project
Release time:2019-06-21

Inorder to play a better demonstration role of the company's southwest importmerchandise direct sales center in cooperation with Anqing Economic DevelopmentZone, to expand the market influence in the Wanbei area and to accelerate thelayout of imported direct sales stores. Ningshing Haixin, a subsidiary of NingshingHoldings, cooperated with Anhui Mengcheng Economic Development Zone ManagementCommittee and Mengcheng County Development Zone Xingmeng Investment Co., jointly build the NingshingHaixin Wanbei Import Direct Sales Center Project. 

Onthe morning of June 5th, 2019, the signing ceremony of the cooperation projectwas held in the conference room of the Economic Development Zone of MengchengCounty of Bozhou. Huang Yongzeng, President of Ningshing Holdings, Wang Jiaji,Director of Anhui Mengcheng Economic Development Zone Management Committee, andZheng Yi, Chairman of Xingmeng Investment Co., Ltd. of Mengcheng DevelopmentZone, signed the contract on behalf of the three parties. At the same time, NingshingHaixin, the specific executor of the project, signed a cooperationagreement with the local Zhuangzi Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. The twoparties would co-funded Anhui Ningshing International Trading Co., Ltd. and jointlyoperate the Yubei Import Direct Marketing Center project.

Alsopresent at the signing ceremony were Shi Guangrong, deputy head of MengchengCounty, Zhang Li, deputy director of the County Development and ReformCommission, Xie Kui, director of the County Investment Promotion Bureau, Lu Baozhen,deputy director of the County Bureau of Commerce, and Zhang Jun, chairman ofthe Supervisory Board of the county Chengtou Group, Pan Qingping, generalmanager of Ningshing HaiXin, Sheng Bin, deputy general manager of investmentmanagement department of Ningxing Holding, and Lu Xiyan, executive vicepresident of Ningbo Bonded Zone Market Development Corporation.

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