The Celebration of Children’s Day with Baifeng Elementary School
Release time:2019-06-01

Ningshing labor union together with Youth league organized members ofthe youth to celebrate the Children’s Day with students and teachers from Baifengelementary school which enjoyed more than 20 years of friendship with theCompany.

During the activity, Ningshing youth members presented the studentswith books and toys. On behalf of Ningshing, the vice chairman of Ningshinglabor union and deputy director of president office, Mrs. Zhang Huihong, handeda donation of RMB 100,000 as Ningshing Education Scholarship to the School. Ningshingyouth members awarded certificates, scholarships and gifts to 24 outstandingstudents.

From year 2017, “Ningshing Education Scholarship” has been awarded tonearly 200 teachers and students of Baifeng Elementary School, aiming toinspire the enthusiasm of teachers and motivate students to study hard forexcellence and progress. 

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