Special Steels

Special Steel is Ningshing’s major business section dealing with the integrated operation of special steels based on die steels in realm of wholesale trade, retail & distribution, mechanical processing, vacuum heat-treatment, international trade, and technical services. Ningshing Special-steel Group, a member enterprise of Ningshing, is China’s leading Distribution & Service Company concentrating on both domestic and imported die-steels and tool steels. With a trade volume up to 250 thousand per year, its annual sales volume amounts to RMB 2 billion. Based on strategic partnership with big manufacturing plants in Sichuan, Tianjing and Jiangsu Privince and as a General Agent of Kind & Co, Germany of die casting materials in mainland China, Ningshing has built competitiveness and strength in products supply, technology service, inventory ration and market development. Its dealership network together with processing bases has covered the regions of East China, South China, West China and North China, providing customers with value-added service such as sawing, processing and distributing.

Ningshing co-invested with a partner in a joint venture and established Jiangsu Ningshing Hengli Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, aiming to offering R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical service of efficient intelligent processing devices and complete production lines. Ningshing Hengli has developed series products of numerical control circular swaging machine for steel plate cut, which is identified by the State Authorities as a Domestic Initiative filling the technology blank of efficient and accurate cutting of circular sawing machine in China and that its performance reaches the world advanced level. Ningshing Hengli will continue to focus on the manufacturing of machinery processing, developing the processing devices of high efficiency, and making contribution to the China Intelligent Manufacture 2025.

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