Petroleum Coke

Ningshing has been engaged in import and domestic trade of petroleum coke for more than 20 years and becomes one of the largest dealers in petroleum coke circulation in China. Ningshing is good at operating international high-quality petroleum coke resources, especially carbon-based petroleum coke. The Company has strong advantage in controlling the trace elements of petroleum coke and has won good reputation among calcined coke enterprises. Ningshiing has developed strong and solid strategic partnership with world leading petroleum coke suppliers like TCP, Mitsubishi and Transammonia to ensure long-term and stable supply and also has established strong business relationships with Chinese domestic giants like PetroChina, Sinopec and Zhongjin Petro. Ningshing has so far set up sales network and faithful end-use customers in Rizhao Port Shandong, Fangcheng Port Guangxi, Ningbo port and Jiangsu region alongside the Yangtze River.

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